We have given some directions below as to how to best go about selling your contract.

TIP #1 – First submit your “Notice of Intent to Sell Form” to our office (available for Family/Residential or Student housing and in the office)

TIP #2 – The new person or person purchasing your contract will need to submit an application and pay the application fee of $50 by check or money order in the office before we can process their application.

TIP #3 – You will want to begin advertising your contract as soon as possible. You can advertise it on byu.edu, Craigslist, ksl.com, Facebook, your ward, etc. Talk to everyone you meet and know and ask if they have friends that are interested. The more advertising and “getting the word out” the better your chances are of selling your contract. If you wait until the last minute or after you have already moved out, you may have a hard time selling.

TIP #4 – When you place your ads, make sure to include your phone number as well as ours (801-607-1680). We are happy to take calls and give information about your contract.

TIP #5 – If for some reason the contract proves difficult to sell, you may want to consider offering a “concession” or discount to get it to sell. Examples of a common concession include payment of rent, discounted rent or the deposit for the applicant.

We hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!