(*The day you will be completely moved out of the unit, completed your move-out cleaning, turn your keys and a self-addressed stamped envelope with your forwarding address into the Office.)

    (**The day you want ARM to start the new contract for the new resident. This must be at least two business days after you move out in order to provide time for the cleaning checkout, and necessary cleaning, and carpet cleaning (if applicable). Seller is responsible for pro-rated rent until the begin date of the new resident’s contract.)


    I, , hereby give notice of intent to sell my contract for the time period listed above. I give permission to ARM to sell my contract to any qualified applicant on a first come, first serve basis. I understand that I am financially and legally responsible for my contract throughout the entire contractual period, and will be released from such responsibilities only when the contract has sold. I understand that it is my responsibility to find a suitable replacement. ARM will provide assistance, but will not be responsible if the contract does not sell. I understand that I am responsible to advertise and list my contract with BYU Off-Campus Housing, put up “For Rent” signs, etc. I agree to pay the contract sell fee as listed in my rental agreement/addendum. I understand I am not released from my contract until I receive a Contract Release Form emailed from ARM. I agree to be completely moved out of the unit and complete my cleaning check-out according to the date on my Contract Release Form. I will hand deliver my keys, self-addressed stamped envelope and parking pass (if applicable) to ARM within 24 hours of moving out or be assessed the related penalties.