Mens Housing

University House 761 Upstairs

761 North University Ave.

Unit Details

Beds : 3
Baths : 1
Sq Ft : 1344
Parking : parking in rear parking lot
Misc : (14.58/mo flat rate for elec)


washer/dryer, dishwasher, disposal microwave, central air, uncovered parking in rear of property


Utility Paid By In Name Of
Gas Tenant Landlord
Electric Tenant Landlord
Water / Sewer ($10/month) Tenant Landlord
Internet Tenant Tenant
Cable Tenant Tenant
Garbage Landlord Landlord
Tenant pays a $10/month account services fee. Gas and electric are split evenly by number of tenants.

Room Types

Shared (FWSS 2021-2022)
Price : $409
Deposit : $818
Total Spots : 6