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Santa Fe #2

802 North 700 East #2
Santa Fe is a BYU-Contracted apartment complex for men located just southeast of BYU campus, near J-Dawgs and the South End Market! Each apartment has two shared bedrooms for a total of four tenants, and features two bathrooms, a dishwasher, and central air. Some first come, first serve parking is available on location, and there is an onsite laundry room with coin-operated machines.

Unit Details

Beds : 2
Baths : 2
Sq Ft : 700
Parking : FCFS
Misc : N/A


Central Air
Coin-Op Laundry


Utility Paid By In Name Of
Gas Tenant Landlord
Electric Tenant Landlord
Water / Sewer ($20/month) Tenant Landlord
Internet ($15/month - see lease for details) Tenant Landlord
Cable Tenant Tenant
Garbage Landlord Landlord
Resident Benefit Package ($30/mo) Tenant Landlord
Gas and electric are split evenly by number of tenants.

Room Types

Shared Spring/Summer 2024
Price : $415
Deposit : $830
Total Spots : 4
Available Spots : 1
Shared 2024-2025
Price : $439
Deposit : $830
Total Spots : 4

Rental Expenses Disclosures:

The amounts listed on this page make up the rental disclosure, which is given pursuant to Utah law. This is not a contract nor is it legally binding. The final rental agreement is the binding document. The information contained on this page is valid as of today’s date; rental amounts may fluctuate based upon availability and market conditions.

You should review the lease agreement before signing. After application, if the terms of the lease are different than those disclosed on this page and you decide to not sign the lease and accept the terms listed in the lease, you may be entitled to a refund of the application fees paid. After rejection of the lease terms due to the differences or non-disclosures, you may request a refund of the application fee by emailing within five business days, specifically stating the differences and the cause for such request. The request must be made as required by Utah law.

Other elective services and options may be offered that you are not required to accept. These may include but are not limited to parking, washer/dryer, etc.
In addition, the rental agreement will contain fees, fines and costs related to breaches of the lease or actions taken (or not taken). These may include but are not limited to late fees, service of notice fees, eviction fees, tenant change fees, re-key fees, violation fines, and costs for damages. An example of some of these fees are listed below, but please refer to the rental agreement for all fees:

  • $75 late fee if not paid by the 5th
  • $150 Transfer Fee (the fee if you sell contract to another approved tenant)
  • The Landlord shall retain a portion of the Security Deposit as a Non-Refundable Cleaning and Maintenance Fee of $20 per month of Agreement term
  • $50 refresh fee deducted from deposit for each contract term
  • $50 one-time Lease Initiation Fee due when lease is signed

Again, the lease agreement is the binding document; if you are approved and choose to sign the lease agreement for this property you are accepting all terms, pricing, conditions, etc. listed in the legally binding lease agreement, regardless of what is listed here. All amounts listed on this page are subject to change at any time.