Mens Housing

Berkshire #8

41 East 400 North #8
Berkshire is a men's apartment complex near University Avenue and the Provo City Library! Each unit has two shared bedrooms for a total of four tenants, as well as central air and a dishwasher, and there is parking and coin-operated laundry available for the complex.

Unit Details

Beds : 2
Baths : 1
Sq Ft : 725
Parking : FCFS
Misc : N/A


Central Air


Utility Paid By In Name Of
Gas Tenant Landlord
Electric Tenant Landlord
Water / Sewer ($10/month) Tenant Landlord
Internet Tenant Tenant
Cable Tenant Tenant
Garbage Landlord Landlord
Tenant pays a $7/month handling fee.
Gas and electric are split evenly by number of tenants.

Room Types

Shared (FWSS 2021-2022)
Price : $329
Deposit : $658
Total Spots : 4